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Order Tracking

Once you have placed your order with us we can provide you with up to date information on how your order is progressing through our system or we can provide a delivery tracker code for proof of delivery if needed. We aim to delivery your product with in 3-5 days UK and 5-10 days Outside the UK.

Ways to Track Your Order

Tracking your order is quick and easy, simply log in to your account and click on the Order History link, here you will see the status of your order:

  • Pending - The order has been received
  • Denied - Security risk or customer details incorrect
  • Processing - Depending on the product or service ordered this status could be either a repair in progress or order awaiting dispatch
  • Processed - Order is ready for delivery
  • Shipped - Order out for delivery
  • Complete - Order packed and has been posted
  • Refunded - Product or Item out of stock

Each time the status of your order is changed an email will be sent to provide you with the latest status of your order. When your order status has been updated to shipped then we can provide tracking details, to request the tracking details please Contact Us with your order number.

For more information on our delivery methods please see the Delivery Information

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