How To Power A Reolink WiFi Camera

Applies to: All Reolink WiFi Cameras (Excludes battery-powered cameras/E1 series camera and Reolink Lumus)

Reolink WiFi cameras can only be powered by a DC 12V adaptor of whch is included with each Wifi camera when purchased from new.

Below is a picture to show you what a DC power supply (power adaptor) looks like.

If you require a replacement power adaptor then please see our range 12V/2A and 12V/1A power supplies for Reolink Wifi cameras.

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  1. If you wish to install the camera outdoors, please make sure you cover the exposed cable connections to avoid water ingress or use a waterproof enclosure.
  2. If your camera wont power on at all, please check whether the cable or power adaptor is working properly or use another cable or power adaptor to see if it works.


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