How To Download The Firmware For Reolink Cameras & NVRs

Usually, upgrading the latest firmware is a good solution to many cameras/NVR problems. Here are guides on how to download the latest firmware for your cameras or NVRs.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras and NVRs.

The article below will be divided into two parts since the way of downloading firmware for Reolink battery-powered cameras is much more different from that of other products.

Part 1. Download the Latest Firmware for Reolink Cameras/NVRs (Excluding Battery-powered Cameras)

Step 1.
Please check the system information of your camera or NVR.

You need to check the hardware version and the firmware version of your camera/NVR.

Step 2. Go to Download Center.

Click the drag-down arrows to select the correct model name and hardware version of your camera/NVR. Then click Search.

Step 3. Click Download Firmware. The firmware will be downloaded as a zipped file to your PC.


Part 2. Download the Latest Firmware for Battery-powered Cameras

The firmware for battery-powered cameras couldn’t be found on the Reolink download center since the camera could only support an online upgrade.

To upgrade the firmware for battery-powered cameras, you need to turn on the Auto-Upgrade option for the camera, then the camera will upgrade automatically once there is new firmware pushed to it.

Or if you haven’t turned on the Auto-upgrade option, please manually upgrade the firmware by referring to How to Upgrade Battery-powered Cameras Manually.


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