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Our range of mobile phone Tweezers are the ideal tool for Mobile Phone Repairs and are used to remove small parts including ribbons, screws etc.

All our tweezers have been tested in house and are ideal for any mobile phone repair work and are the best product for the job.

  • Suitable For All Types Of Mobile Phone Repair Work
  • Fully Tested In House
  • Tough and Durable
  • Long Lasting
Brand: GSMzone Model: 151013-121274
This high end precision 18 Piece Screwdriver Set is the ideal tool for opening mobile phones. With the unique design it can be easily used to remove mobile phone torx screw and cross screws and even flat blade screws..This tool set is supplied with one Handle and Tweezers and dual head bits as p..
Brand: GSMzone Model: 151013-121272
This 5 Piece Tweezer Set is the ideal tool set for Mobile Phone Repairs. They are used to remove small parts including ribbons, screws etc. They are also antistatic are made from special high end materials. They are very flexibility and can effectively eliminate electrostatic charge. Ideal for stati..
Brand: GSMzone Model: 151013-121270
This iPhone Opening Tool Set is the ideal tool for opening Apple iPhones. It is used to remove the special screws on the rear glass and this tool kit can be be used to remove Lens Touch screens.Contains 1.3 Slotted screwdriver, 0.8 Star screwdriver, Suction vacuum opener, TweezerFor Use W..
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