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Soldering Equipment

Our range of Soldering Equipment has been fully tested by our in house engineers and they are the ideal solution for mobile phone repairs.

From temperature controlled soldering irons to rework stations we have the solution for you. Our range of soldering equipment has been designed solely for mobile phone repairs so you can be assured the equipment is fit for purpose.

These can be used to solder mics, speaker and ribbons, remove lens and touch screens or even replace soldered components that require a hot air gun.

Brand: GSMzone Model: 151013-121276
This digital controlled temperature soldering iron provides an accurate and easy readable display and an adjustable temperature controller that can lock the thermostat temperature. Supplied with an integrated soldering iron holder and cleaning sponge.The package includes Soldering Iron and Solde..
Brand: GSMzone Model: 151013-121277
Professional Air and Heat control for welding and removing with security and reliability, antistatic design, up to 24 Litres of air per Minute. we supply three kind of nozzles for most common welding work: with this rework station. This unit is ideal for repair work of SMD circuits on mobile phone h..
Brand: GSMzone Model: 151013-121275
Comprises of a Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron and a Temperature and Air Flow Controlled Hot Air rework gunEither the Tools can be used used independently or simultaneously. This unit is ideal for repair work of SMD circuits on mobile phone handset and other communication device maintenanc..
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