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Mobile Phone Repairs

At GSMzone we provide mobile phone repair services for most makes of mobile phones including iPhone, Smart Phones, PDA Phones. Our unique Mobile Phone Repair service includes a quick turnaround with minimal costs. If you have problems with your handset and you are unsure what the issues are then why not send it us and we will try and find the fault and provide a repair quote.

All our repair work is carried out by our in house engineers and we have many years of experience from a simple ear speaker repairs to complex Touch Screen repairs no matter what repair service you require rest assured GSMzone can help you.

Below is a list of repairs we have provided in the past:

  • Battery Connector Repairs
  • Charging Port Repairs
  • Ear Speaker Repairs
  • Joystick Repairs
  • Keypad Repairs
  • LCD Screen Repairs
  • Lens Glass Repairs
  • Microphone Repairs
  • Power Button Repairs
  • Ribbon Flex Repairs
  • Ringer Speaker Repairs
  • Software Repairs
  • Touch Screen Repairs
  • Vibrating Motor Repairs
  • Volume Button Repairs
  • Water Damage Repairs

Feel free to contact us if you require further information regarding our mobile phone repair services we will be more than happy to help!.


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