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PCB Cleaners

PCB Cleaners

Our range of PCB cleaners has been fully tested by our in house engineers and are the ideal solution for water damage mobile phone repairs.

Ultrasonic cleaning is a unique phenomenon. Millions of tiny bubbles are created when ultrasonic sound is passed through liquid, it is these tiny bubbles combined with a large pressure that creates incredible cleaning results.

We recommend using 50% Thinners mixed with 50% Water for the cleaning process but please take care when using thinners as this is a flammable liquid and is also harmful to the skin and eyes etc..

Ultrasonic cleaner will also remove corrosion from PCB boards and mobile phone motherboards. We use these products on a regualar basis and we can confirm this is the ideal solution for water damage mobile phone repairs.

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Intelligent PCB Cleaner

This Intelligent powered PCB cleaner is streamline and is designed with a large cleaning container w..


Intelligent PCB Cleaner MAX

The Intelligent powered PCB cleaner max is a larger cleaner with a lot more functions, it has a stre..


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