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Microscopes are an ideal soluition for use in mobile phone repairs they make the repair work a lot easy by magnifying the area in need of attention. Microscope are very handy for quickly inspecting PCB's and other small obscured areas of mobile phones and they enable you to check for damage. 

Also good for checking imei numbers that are very small or sim card numbers too.

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Brand: Apple Model: 151013-121231
This 60X mini microscope is ideal for quickly inspecting phone motherboards and other small obscured areas of mobile phones they enable you to check for damage. They can also be used for reading imei numbers or sim card numbers too. Not mentioning all the other uses you could use it for.It also ..
Brand: GSMzone Model: 151013-121230
This High-tech USB digital Microscope is very easy to install and use. Comes with a Powerful 1.3 mega pixel sensor and allows you to zoom in on PCB boards to access testpoints. Also it has an adjustable magnification from 20X zoon to 400X zoom.Features:New high-tech USB digital Microscope..
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