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Magnifier Lamps

Magnifier Lamps are an ideal soluition for use in mobile phone repairs they make the repair work a lot easy by magnifying the area in need of attention. Magnifier Lamps are very handy for quickly inspecting PCB's and other small obscured areas of mobile phones and they enable you to check for damage.

Also good for checking imei numbers that are very small or sim card numbers too.

  • High Quality
  • Fit for Purpose
  • Tested By Our In House Engineers
  • All Electrical Items Are RoHS Compliant & CE Certificated
Brand: GSMzone Model: 151013-121228
This bench magnifier lamp comes complete with 72 LED's and a 5" Lens. This is the ideal tool when working with small mobile phone parts. It is a very useful tool for mobile phone repairing businesses. The lamp also offers Slim line compact magnifying lamp with an adjustable arm and a shadow free lig..
Brand: GSMzone Model: 151013-121229
This bench magnifier lamp comes with a 10 times magnifier and is ideal for Test Point and Jtag boot repair work !!! This mangifying lamp comes with high a frequency 4200Hz lamp so it will not cause harm to eyes after prolonged work. The 2 to 10 times magnifier brings the work closer to you making fa..
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