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Brand: LG Mobile Model: 151013-1213675
Is your LG Shine KE970 not charging or it will not sync with the computer then we can help as we provide a LG Charger Dock USB Port repair service for all makes of LG phones.Faulty or broken Charger Dock USB Ports can easily be broken they can also cause battery drain due to a short circuit. We ..
Brand: LG Mobile Model: 151013-121344
Is your LG Shine KE970 suffering from a cracked or broken Lens Glass or Screen then you need to use this service.Examples of a cracked or damaged LG Lens Glass or Touch Screen:Cracked Glass LensIf you are not sure what the problem is then please contact us for further information...
Brand: LG Mobile Model: 151013-1213459
Is your HTC Viewty Snap GM360 suffering from a cracked or broken LCD Screen then you need to use this service. Use this repair service to replace the Screen on your mobile phone quickly and proffessionally.Examples of a cracked or damaged HTC LCD Screen:Cracked LCD Screen Strange Colour..
Brand: LG Mobile Model: 151013-121194
We repair water damage LG mobile phones including the latest Blackberry Z30, Z10, Q10, Q5.LG Mobile Phones can experience many problems which are caused by water damage or liquid damage due to the LG being in direct contact with water, beer, tea, coffee etc even moister can cause problems. Here ..
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