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Cutting Tools

We supply a wide range of cutting tools for mobile phone repairs including sim card cutters, wire cutters and micro side cutters for detailed cutting.

All our cutters have been tested in house and are ideal for any mobile phone repair work and are the best product for the job.

  • Suitable For All Types Of Repair Work
  • Fully Tested In House
  • Tough & Durable
  • Long Lasting
Brand: GSMzone Model: 151013-121224
This 2 in 1 Sim card cutter can cut a standard size sim cards into a micro sim, it can also cut a micro sim down to a nano simCuts A Standard Size Sim Card To Micro and Micro To Nano Cuts A Micro Sim Card To Nano Sim Card Fully Tested In House Tough and Durable Long LastingPictu..
Brand: GSMzone Model: 151013-121225
This 3 in 1 sim card Cutter can cut a standard size sim card into a micro sim, cut Standard sim card to Nano size sim card, and can also cut micro sim card down to a nano sim card size.This cutter has 3 cutting slots for the following options:Cuts A Standard Size Sim Card To Micro Sim Car..
Brand: GSMzone Model: 151013-121226
Precision micro wire cutters are ideal for trimming and cutting wire and they can be also used for trimming excess solder. Sturdy construction and very precise. We use these cutters when proforming lens touch screen repairs for trimming the adhesive tape to fit the new screen.Ideal For Cuttin..
Brand: GSMzone Model: 151013-121227
This precision powered cutting kit and drill are used to precisely cut access to testpoints on Motorola phones ie L6, L7, U6, V3i, V3r, V360v etc. It can also be used to remove metal plates to gain access to components on motherbaords.Package Contains :Drill Power Adaptor Flexi drive sha..
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