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Alarm Detectors

Visonic Powermaster wireless detectors are designed for use with UK panels only.  This is due to the fact that each device has a PowerG variant name which must match the control panel variant.

Brand: Visonic Model: 190217-092123
Visonic Powermaster GB-502 PG2 Breakglass DetectorThe GB-502 PG2 is a wireless two-way acoustic glass-break detector for windows and glass doors, compatible with PowerMaster intrusion alarm systems and PowerG receivers. It delivers outstanding reliability in detecting the breaking of framed glass mo..
Brand: Visonic Model: 190217-093544
Visonic Powermaster GSD-442 PG2 Carbon Monoxide DetectorThe GSD-442 PG2 is a wireless Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector that gives early warning of CO poisoning danger, preventing damage to vital organs and even death. GSD-442 PG2 utilizes a sophisticated electrochemical sensor to provide linear output ..
Brand: Visonic Model: 190217-143652
Visonic Powermaster MC-302E PG2 Door & Window Magnetic ContactThe MC-302E PG2 is a fully supervised two-way magnetic contact transmitter, designed primarily for protecting doors and windows. This highly reliable top-performance wireless device is easy to install and operate in a wide range of re..
Brand: Visonic Model: 190217-144933
Visonic Powermaster MC-302V PG2 Door & Window Magnetic ContactThe MC-302V PG2 is an extremely small and thin wireless magnetic contact transmitter, designed primarily for protecting doors and windows. When installed, the MC-302V PG2 is virtually unnoticeable and does not interfere with home déco..
Brand: Visonic Model: 190217-150356
Visonic Powermaster MP-802 PG2 PIR Motion DetectorThe MP-802 PG2 is a smart dual-function indoor PIR motion detector that offers reliable motion detection and temperature monitoring performance, in one easy-to-install and attractive device.Based on the market-leading wireless indoor motion detector ..
Brand: Visonic Model: 190217-132105
Visonic Powermaster Next K9-85 PG2 PIR Motion DetectorThe Next K9-85 PG2 is a two-way wireless digital Pet Tolerant PIR detector compatible with the PowerMaster family of burglar alarm systems.Based on Visonic's ground-breaking PowerG technology, Next PG2 combines several field-proven advanced techn..
Brand: Visonic Model: 190217-131116
Visonic Powermaster PG2 Curtain PIR Clip DetectorThe Clip PG2 is a compact, elegant wireless curtain-type PIR detector designed for the protection of doors, windows and all-glass walls. This detector is compatible with the PowerMaster wireless family of intrusion alarm systems and PowerG receivers.B..
Brand: Visonic Model: 190217-151550
Visonic Powermaster SD-304 PG2 Shock DetectorThe innovative SD-304 PG2 wireless shock detector provides perimeter protection for residential and commercial premises. It provides early warning of an attempted intrusion by sensing forced entry before a burglar actually enters the property. This potent..
Brand: Visonic Model: 190217-141249
Visonic Powermaster SMD-426 PG2 Smoke DetectorThe SMD-426 PG2 is a fully supervised wireless photoelectric smoke detector that is compatible with PowerMaster® wireless alarm systems. Designed for a wide range of residential and commercial applications, the easily installed smoke detector has a strea..
Brand: Visonic Model: 190217-140434
Visonic Powermaster SMD-427 PG2 Optical Smoke and Heat DetectorThe SMD-427 PG2 is a fully supervised wireless heat and photoelectric smoke detector that is compatible with PowerMaster residentail alarm systems. With a streamlined design that fits any residential or commercial application, SMD—427 PG..
Brand: Visonic Model: 190217-152827
Visonic Powermaster Tower-20AM PG2 Outdoor PIR Motion Anti-Masking DetectorThe TOWER-20AM PG2 is an innovative wireless outdoor PIR mirror detector, comprehensively addresses property owners’ security needs for accurate intruder detection with minimum false alarms.TOWER-20AM PG2 features several inn..
Brand: Visonic Model: 190217-154221
Visonic Powermaster Tower-30AM PG2 PIR Motion Mirror Anti-Masking DetectorTOWER-30AM PG2 comprehensively answers the need of commercial and residential applications for outstanding detection with minimum false alarms, even in the most challenging conditions. Using the advanced detection technologies..
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