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Unlocking DCT-3 Phones


Please ensure  that instructions are carried out correctly, as incorrect use of unlocking software and cables can result in serious and possibly irreversible damage to the phone.

This software will unlock the following mobiles

3210  3310  3330  3350  3390  3410  5110  5130  5146  5190
5210  5510  6110  6130  6150  6210  6250  7110  8210  8250
8290  8850  8890  9000  9110  9210

The unlocking cables are available at the Modifications


  1. Plug the Mbus data cable into a spare COM (serial, 9 pin) port.
  2. Plug the other end into the appropriate adapter for the phone to be unlocked.
  3. Attach the adapter to the phone
  4. Ensure the phone is switched ON.
  5. Ensure the correct COM port is selected for the cable.
  6. Run Software and Click the "Read phone info" button

   7.    The phone's information should now be displayed

   8.    Click The "Clear  SP Locks" button to unlock the phone

       9.   Click The "SW reset" button , the phone  will now reset.

     10.   That's it The Phone will now be unlocked.                                         11.   Click the"Read phone info" button. check status of  locks

 Note: This software and cable package will also repair the IMEI if it is damaged.

Mobile Phone Unlocking

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